Don’t kill them young.

Watch the video below after reading this :
Don’t kill them young!
We live in a society where perversion , child pornography and immorality is the order of the day. Our environment is crippled with these vices, we have forgotten the value of integrity. We have forgotten our morals! Where were the parents of these little kids when they engaged in such shocking and extremely harmful activity for their mental and physical age? We are killing them young for their mental orientation and ability to know good from bad is from us; we the adults around them.
Personally, I didn’t even know how to ‘grind’ till I reached 16 years. This is a stigma that will forever be tattooed on the psychology of those kids. Our society is decaying fast. To the camera man, The Elderly people around during the video shoot, the Parents of those kids, and to all who took delight in watching that video. You are the ones killing the future of our society for those little kids are the future of our society. Let us raise our voices and shun child pornography, and all forms of immorality in children.
For a better Nigeria! For a better tommorow !
God bless if you agree.
Watch the Video below


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